Band List

Darryl Hanam

A native of St. Catharines, Darryl’s shows don’t always start on time. His ancestors arrived on the Juneflower.


Palooka, a band stationed in Niagara, consists of 3 members: Joe Lapinski, Jay Peters, and Eron Stroud. All have come together due to a natural scheme of events. The underlying nature of these events, you might be asking yourself, has been creation – the creation of music, and something new, perhaps something exciting. Perhaps.

Faint and Hearted Records

Magna Cum Loud

Sodden and Granola

Barnhouse Static

Marty Allen

Marty Has played many a matinee on Saturdays at the ale house. Welcome to the official site of Roots artist Marty Allen. Coining his shows as “All my heroes aren’t on radio” it is no wonder Allen grew under the influences of Cash, Jennings, and Prine. Kind of sounds like an out-law firm, a group you wouldn’t mind representing you in country music today. Marty has just released his fourth CD entitled “Blue Church Road” featuring eleven original songs. Expect more of an organic sound with the use of fiddle, dobro, upright bass, and pedal steel backing story driven tunes delving into the pain of love gone bad, long distant truckers, and growing up as a kid, fishing, playing marbles, and lighting up that first smoke…. “That’s where I lit up my first smoke, tried to wash it down with a bottle of coke, and I tried real hard not to choke cause the girls thought I was cool, so cool….”.


Garret LaCroix

Garrett has a keen ear for strong folk ballads. His style ranges from a waltzing strum, to a more aggressive finger-picking. All people who witness a performance (which can be rare these days) are hipnotized by his poetic words that tell great stories of love longed and love lost.

Screamin’ Black Cadillacs